Infor LN

Anyone looking for a professional who can use Infor LN enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is in the right place. Thanks to the certificate of “Infor LN Development” obtained during my career, I am able to satisfy different needs using the SQL and 4GL languages. Within the company I work for, I was able to directly apply my knowledge by creating tables and sessions, in addition to putting into production the Exchange Scheme with conditions. Furthermore, I am autonomous in the analysis of the required functionalities, in the drafting of technical and functional documentation, in debugging in case of errors and in tests before putting into production. Large or small, companies that want to optimize and simplify business processes must choose Infor LN by turning to qualified and trained personnel. I am available to contribute to the success of those who choose this innovative solution for their industrial production.


Another tool I have been dealing with for years is the BAAN IV. In the company I work for, I was able to learn the development of sessions and tables, the execution of SQL queries, with the inclusion of reading / writing XML files and calls to external services. In this regard, I dealt with the integration of XML electronic invoices to make them flow into the business invoice management flow and with the construction of a dashboard for users (visualization) and administration (management). The target? Streamline business processes by bringing added value through effective and efficient solutions. In addition to these activities, I also designed the integration of an external system with custom sessions and tables for the creation of sales orders and passage of invoicing data. Other strengths I have in the BAAN IV field: knowledge in user management and integrations between modules (Distribution in particular), production of analysis documents, operating, technical and test manuals.


You can work quickly and intelligently, even from home. For productivity and collaboration I choose G-Suite, a fundamental tool that allows me to always be connected with my company and makes me independent in various activities. I am also able to use VDI, thanks to which I can be totally autonomous even remotely.


For project management I use the Trello tool, through which I monitor the requests I’m working on, noting the developments made and analyzing the various data. Thanks to this tool, I am able to collaborate productively with the other people on my team and organize each task in the best possible way. For time tracking, however, I am deepening the use of Toggl.


Each user request is followed with attention and precision, from the analysis to the implementation of the specific functionality. I respond to every need with kindness and availability to obtain the desired result in the best possible way. I work both in a team and alone, putting 100% of the effort in both cases.


Web Designer

I write code, I produce drafts and every day I am more and more passionate about the world of Web Design. My programming career moves with the right mix of commitment and dedication. In terms of training, the real step forward was the Web Design course at Veneto Formazione, which allowed me to integrate custom themes with WordPress. I never stop and try to stay up to date. Right now, I’m delving into the WooCommerce topic to understand how to create custom themes for an e-commerce and Python for application development. I also have skills in HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP.

Dolibarr Fan

During my work experience, I had the opportunity to discover Dolibarr, an elastic, functional and above all open-source tool. Specifically, I took care of the study and implementation of the program, also collaborating in the Italian translation of the various modules. Dolibarr is an easy to install and use software that allows you to develop custom modules in PHP and has all the modules of a real management software, from the Finance area to the Distribution area, also including a good integrated CRM. One of the strengths is certainly the community, which provides continuous updates and with which I myself collaborate to contribute to the improvement of the various Dolibarr features.


The bachelor degree in Sciences of Cultural Heritage at the University of Milan achieved in 2016 says a lot about me. I am a very organized person who also applies this philosophy of life to information technology, a path that I later chose and which now represents my current job. Online or paper documents, I easily juggle paperwork with the constant goal of putting order and increasing productivity.