Elisa Miggiano


My name is Elisa Miggiano and I am a young programmer. Currently employed in Infocamere, I work as an ERP Developer and Service Specialist.

I graduated in 2016 at the University of Milan in Sciences of Cultural Heritage. Totally the opposite from what my current job is, but to the choice of the university I preferred the archivist in me, rather than the computer science. However, I was unable to give up that world that has always fascinated and intrigued me, cultivating it as a hobby.

So I started attending Garanzia Giovani training, online courses, free ones and paid ones. By building a somewhat shaky basis for developing.

I started with a Web and Social Media course. Discovered online, looking for a job, even just an internship to start working. He was in Padua, at Ce.S.Co.T. Veneto, more than 80 km away from home. I proposed for an internship outside the region, and they accepted. I spent two intense and beautiful months at Var Group SPA, in Empoli. Two months of programming on Joomla sites, data entry, changes to CSS and HTML. The internship made me want to learn, to absorb all the knowledge possible in order to one day work in a large and structured company like theirs. I had started the course with many doubts – about me, my knowledge and my ability to adapt – but I had returned home with a dream: I wanted to be a developer.

When one door shuts, another opens. The company that followed me on my Garanzia Giovani journey offers me a place in their ranks. I start my internship at Ce.S.Co.T. Veneto as Manager of ESF Projects and FonTer Fund. I find myself in a dynamic office, always active and on the piece, in an open space that allows me to bond a lot with my colleagues, and never stop. With this job I moved to Padua, at home with relatives. But my dream doesn’t burn out, on the contrary it lights up with new life: I find the Veneto Formazione site and I decide to take the Web Designer course.

While continuing my Web Designer course, I start working at Mabox as an intern. I work together with another intern – but more trained than me – Roberto Pizzo. We work together to find and implement new business tools: an open-source ERP (Dolibarr), a company know-how manager (Media Wiki), a DMS (NextCloud) and a Password Manager (Teampass), all on a Linux cloud platform, in Application Server Apache/PHP, on DataBase MySQL. Unfortunately the internship does not last long, but the friendship with Roberto has remained, and every now and then we work together on some projects.

Again unemployed, again looking for a job. The Web Designer course isn’t finished yet, but it is coming to an end. I find another Garanzia Giovani course at I.F.O.A.Java developer and Android APP. A new adventure begins. The course is done quickly, perhaps too fast for my taste – and with so many question marks left unanswered. This course looks cursed. There are not enough companies for all the students. So I start looking for a company that wants me as a developer. I find an advertisement at Infocamere. I start the internship learning the basics to develop on BAAN IV, a lot of confusion but a great desire to learn. By now Java has gone into oblivion (not that it took so long) and I start chewing on the more intuitive 4GL, while I refine my SQL (which they taught us very well during the course).

After the 6 months of internship they decide to hire me. Long last! My first employment contract! I move to Padua, this time for rent, I start my new life at Infocamere.

After almost two years I feel like a real developer!

I realized my dream!

By now I am able to develop on my own, I do analysis, I write documentation, I put into production and I get many positive opinions in the workplace. But we never stop: I start studying the new management software: Infor LN.

I decide to undertake – during this smart working quarantine period – an online course in English on Infor LN Development at FullonBaaN. I conclude with a certificate that certifies my skills and my new knowledge. I am ready to face the new management

Whoever stops is lost, and therefore I do not stop on my training. I decided to enroll in an online General Accounting course, allowing me to better understand the accounting and administrative world.